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Claudine Jones

[day one]


Supreme Court strikes down federal ban on bump stock devices


Oh absoLUTEly, yes!!

Now we just need these folks to stand in a big ole circle~浪

Preferably all likkered up


Advice | Ask Amy: My husband died 7 years ago. I still don’t feel ready to date.


It's tough. I thought privately that I had two lives: one before and one after.
Don't often talk to people socially about my before one, mostly because I was very young--31 w/three youngsters--I basically remade myself. So I became the new me. Met a great guy just around the 5 year mark.

This is even tougher. After 35 years with my fella, he passed away and I've been on my own AGAIN for 3 years now.

Now I realize there was no different me; I've been the same person with wonderful and not so wonderful memories. I am content to just see what happens next.


This city just made it illegal to advertise SUVs. Here’s why. [Edinburgh]


“Fossil fuel producers counter that they are focused on addressing climate change”



Deputy fatally shoots seven starving, abandoned dogs


There was a story as I was growing up that was often repeated for some weird reason I still don't get. My mom was pregnant with me, living in Texas which she hated, and also had a toddler to take care of. In the middle of all this my dad decides to bring a dog home! What was he thinking. Clearly he wasn't. So fast forward to my mom tripping over said dog and falling down a short flight of stairs. She didn't have a miscarriage obviously or I wouldn't be here, but the conclusion was that the dog had to go. They described it as driving out into the middle of nowhere, dumping the dog, and then watching it in the rearview mirror as it ran after them ears flopping in the wind. Don't get me wrong I loved my dad but the fact that he thought it was funny? I still don't get that. He also had the nerve to describe the dog as dumb as a box of rocks.


Deputy fatally shoots seven starving, abandoned dogs


It's kind of a weird oxymoron that the extent to which you broadcast hate is the measure of how much you'll get back. You're thinking that you can pour gasoline on a fire and there will be no consequences. WWJD?


Deputy fatally shoots seven starving, abandoned dogs


It's pretty clear that as stress levels rise, people turn to animals as a source of comfort. I've got a friend who basically has devoted her life after retirement to addressing issues with animal abandonment and adoption. She herself has fostered cats. There's pretty much nothing she won't do. But it's also clear that if you want to adopt, it's often hard to find an appropriate animal. It's not like just throwing spaghetti at the wall. It has to be handled properly.

Meanwhile pretty much every day is another challenge. Politics has reached a level of insanity that I don't know anybody could have envisioned.

Talk about wasted resources.


[day two]


Leaked documents reveal patient safety issues at Amazon’s One Medical


I've been warning about this for months! Member of OneMedical for at least 10 years and deeply appreciative of their business model. I used to be able to literally call them and go in to a bricks and mortar for immediate evaluation.

That is now a joke. Which is really too bad because I can't tell you how easy it used to be. But then what else is new.

Buy stock in ice floes, folks.


Leaked documents reveal patient safety issues at Amazon’s One Medical


Funny thing about that I used to have gold standard long-term Healthcare coverage until the company raised my premiums 350%. That roughly pencils out as 22k a year. Which effectively is my entire income, so? Their response is sorry, if we don't raise the premiums we can't do the payouts.

They also kindly remind me that at any point in this process, they can declare bankruptcy and even if I have to use the tiny amount that is banked to cover me for an emergency, they could potentially say oops.


I'm not familiar with Federal health insurance. Does that cover long-term healthcare? Medicare certainly doesn't. My brother gets veteran's benefits which is a godsend. Good news bad news thing. He had to be drafted and serve in order to qualify and he also qualifies for disability service related injury.

I being female was exempt.

What a world.


Leaked documents reveal patient safety issues at Amazon’s One Medical


Amazon's okay if you learn how to play their game. There are very specific items that you can wangle a discount on. Get them delivered on a regular basis, and if you get something that you find out you can't use and they want to know why? Just put in "fibble doesn't ratchet" and you get free return. Of course at some point AI could figure that scam out and customers will get caught but I don't think it's likely.

Now I have to kill you.


Leaked documents reveal patient safety issues at Amazon’s One Medical


Yep and don't forget Walgreens bought out Pharmaca and then closed all of its locations. My neighborhood is now a Pharmacy Desert.

Unless surprise! you want to go to Safeway, which bought out the Chimes Pharmacy across from it 10 years ago.


[day five]


Texas high court declines to decide if embryos are people or property


stop right now and just think: who is it that wrote a comment?

there's your personal proof

it's not transferable

it's okay

u do u


Texas high court declines to decide if embryos are people or property


how do you divide three embryos?

hey Solomon!


Texas high court declines to decide if embryos are people or property


don't forget the adult male embryo reserves the right to impregnate at will

his will


After ruling, the future of abortion pills rest with Biden or Trump


See, what these fringy types never seem to fully appreciate is that just because you can do something doesn't mean you have to.

Women can have kids;

they don't have to.

Men can penetrate ;

they don't have to.


Perspective | I shopped at a refill store for the first time. Here’s what it was like.


I get the concept but technically it is too small scale. Using my own containers and shopping bulk is not rocket science. I still see my granny putting up jars of nectarines from our tree when she visited one summer.

This is a specific attempt to fight back against plastic, which I laud, but as cost saving it's not terribly effective.


DNA reveals surprise about the children ancient Mayans chose to sacrifice


Not that it makes any difference but I'll contribute my useless comment anyway.

I see all of this through the lens of non-duality, so I'm imagining the past, which doesn't really exist, only my memory of it. Like my breakfast. Sure I'm busy, or my body is busy, digesting, but it's not like I can get a do-over. And I literally cannot control anything about today. Not truly. I can make some plans but overall have to admit that mortality is what it is. Everybody is going to die.

I'm imagining that Mayan past with no internet no newspapers no telephones, not even a string telephone, and imagining that world with a closer experience to death. Somebody mentioned infant mortality for example. In theory it's great to try to erase it. Like it 100% happy outcomes. That ain't going to happen.

So once again we are in this existential mystery wherein another culture finds it absolutely acceptable to perform sacrifice. They just don't have that sense of fear of death that we do.

That's my opinion, but again I'm just looking at it from the standpoint of sitting in a comfy bed reading wapo.


[day eight]


D.C. chef Michael Rafidi’s Beard Award is a ‘huge moment for Palestinians’


I recently subscribed to a yt channel of Palestinian recipes because...delicious!


Customers love this Georgetown bagel shop. Some neighbors want it closed.


We've got an insanely popular chicken samwich place around the corner--they put vintage metal ironing boards out on the sidewalk where people can congregate. Also they sell out so fast the whole thing only lasts til 11am.

It's all good.

No excuse for littering though!!!


Opinion | Is Donald Trump okay?


I think he survived childhood--not an excuse, but he exhibits signs of severe instability, actually his habits are a form of self mutilation. He sure as hell doesn't like himself, all protestations to the contrary.




Southern Baptist Convention narrowly rejects total ban on female pastors


“dangerous forms of IVF”

imagining nefarious would-be parents doing mob hits with armed extra embryos

but no, your talking about calling would-be parents, with no choice, murderers


see that's where ya lost me


Is that chatbot smarter than a 4-year-old? Experts put it to the test.


Ah yes but you do realize that when you walk around the corner, you actually cease to exist for me.


Hunter Biden guilty verdict could take personal toll on president



Interesting--not a single word about his [Biden’s] faith.

You do realize that can be a significant support in difficult times.

WAPO not interested

That would be way too easy.


Pope Francis allegedly repeats gay slur, opposes gay men in priesthood


but it is clear that his [imaginary] main thing was love

not 'I don't like you, go away and die'




Opinion | Justice Alito is right about today’s politics




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